Infants and Children

Infants with injuries due to complications at birth including feeding and swallowing difficulties.

Children with mild, moderate, severe

Genetic Disorders
Developmental Delay
Language Delay
Articulation disorders which are specific difficulties producing sounds
Fluency (stuttering) • Voice (vocal nodules)

Children and Adults

Cerebral Palsy
Head Injury
Speech Disorders
Language Disorders
Voice Disorders
Fluency (Stuttering)
Motor Speech Disorders
Naming Difficulties
Cognitive Linguistic Communication Disorders
Pragmatics (social skills)

Adults with mild, moderate, severe

Dysphagia which is feeding/swallowing difficulties

Advanced Certification and Training

Adult and Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing
Assistive and Augmentative Communication
Basic Sign Language • Cognitive Linguistic Therapy
Integrated Listening System (ILS)
Integrated Language Program (ILP)
LSVT – Lee Silverman Voice Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease
PROMPT training