Sheila Blazer, M.S., CCC-SLP

Sheila Blazer M.S., CCC-SLP – License #07957

Sheila is a Frederick County Speech Language Pathologist and works at Frederick SLP in the evenings after school. She went to the University Maryland for undergraduate school and San Francisco State University for graduate school where she became an SLP. Sheila spent her externships in graduate school at San Francisco Medical Center and then at Sanchez Elementary school. Following graduate school Sheila worked for San Mateo Rehabilitative Hospital and then worked at Onslow Memorial Hospital, both in California. Prior to joining Frederick County Public Schools and Frederick SLP she worked for Jefferson County Public Schools in Charlestown West Virginia for over 10 years. 

Sheila works with pediatric patients and specializes in grade school aged children. She enjoys working with children who experience trouble with auditory processing, reading comprehension, phologicial, articulation, receptive and expressive language. Sheila enjoys spending her evenings here at Frederick SLP working with our patients and staff. 

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10 N Jefferson St #403, Frederick, MD 21701


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Frederick, MD 21701

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